• 5 things to consider for your website when branding your organisation

    Posted 28 Mar 2017 | By Nadine Ishani

    Website brand

    Here's a run through of 5 useful things your website designer or agency will need from your brand designers to make sure your website forms a solid and comprehensive part of your marketing collateral.

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  • The changing face(s) of css and layout

    Posted 3 Apr 2016 | By Ben Henshall

    Flexbox layout

    The way which we use CSS has, thankfully, evolved enormously over recent years - not only in terms of what we can do with it, but also how we write it and the browser support for it.

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  • Room for improvement: iterating UX design after launch

    Posted 9 Nov 2015 | By Ben Henshall

    Soane header

    On reviewing Google Analytics for a client, we recently found a drop in clickthroughs from the main website to the online shop. Mildly alarming as we go into the busiest shopping period of the year! Find out how we dealt with it.

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  • We don't hate older browsers (*) but we do love modern ones

    Posted 17 Jul 2015 | By Brian Healy

    I've seen the future! It's in my browser.

    And you ought to too!

    We've previously written about our approach to browser support - effectively which browsers we design and build for and those which we support. In this article we go a little further, explaining why we design for more modern browsers, what that means for the longevity of your site and how it supports business and user goals.

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  • Review of the Van Gogh Museum website

    Posted 26 Jan 2015 | By Brian Healy

    The Van Gogh Museum’s website has been garnering a lot of critical acclaim since it launched late last year (Oct/ Nov 2014). The site has been brought to life by the same folk who produced the...

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  • Helping celebrate 150 years of history, culture and links between Wales and Chubut, Patagonia

    Posted 22 Dec 2014 | By Brian Healy

    Patagonia 150

    2015 will see the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Y Wladfa, the Welsh settlement in Patagonia. Y Wladfa was established in 1865, when 153 people from various parts of Wales sailed on the Mimosa to settle in the Chubut Valley, in Southern Argentina. Organisations in Patagonia and Wales are organising a range of events to mark the anniversary and strengthen the links between the two communities.

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  • Is your content fit for purpose?

    Posted 29 Sep 2014 | By Nadine Ishani

    This was the title for the one day Let's Get Real 2014 conference organised by Culture24. On 18 September, around 200 people filled - a very warm - studio theatre in Brighton to talk about content, digital and culture. We heard from a range of speakers, not just about content in the context of what's on your website, but also in terms of distribution channels and content on site at a venue.

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  • New York Times Storytelling

    Posted 29 Oct 2013 | By michael kent

    A beautiful example of how different media can be used to help tell a story.

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