• ICYMI: Changes to Google Ad Grants

    Posted 28 Feb 2017 | By Nadine Ishani

    Google Ad Grants logo

    Google have recently updated their eligibility guidelines in the UK - make sure you don't lose your grant!

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  • Mobilegeddon 2.0

    Posted 16 Sep 2016 | By Ben Henshall

    Image of hands holding mobile phones

    A quick update on Google's announcements about mobile search results. Do you need to do anything?

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  • Mobilegeddon - the fifth horseman of the apocalypse?

    Posted 10 Apr 2015 | By Brian Healy

    In the world of SEO few things grab the attention quite like a stuffed Inbox or a Twitter feed filled with news about a major Google search algorithm update. Sounds geeky? Bit markety?

    Well maybe but it genuinely touches so many parts of digital which other topics can't and don't reach. As Search Engine Watch says, '... for SEO the world of Hummingbirds, Pandas, and Penguins are akin to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse'.

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  • 'Digital Sizzle' - video and digital marketing

    Posted 7 Apr 2014 | By Nadine Ishani

    Nadine, our digital project manager, recently started studying for a postgraduate diploma in Digital Marketing with the IDM. She went to 'Knowledge & Network: Digital Sizzle' on 20 March to see what the good people from Ogilvy & Mather London and Google had to say about video and digital marketing.

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