• Conversion tracking: tracking user behaviour and assessing your ROI

    Posted 19 Dec 2016 | By Nadine Ishani

    Screens displaying user stats

    Recently, we've had a number of clients ask us to install tracking tools on their websites. This is a really exciting development but don't forget about your users! Here are some things to consider before you whack some code up on your site.

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  • Emoji Mayhem

    Posted 13 Dec 2016 | By Brian Healy

    Emoji on Titter timeline embed

    Don't let an emoji trip you up! The trials and tribulations of embedding HTML with special characters in it.

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  • Helping celebrate 150 years of history, culture and links between Wales and Chubut, Patagonia

    Posted 22 Dec 2014 | By Brian Healy

    Patagonia 150

    2015 will see the 150th anniversary of the establishment of Y Wladfa, the Welsh settlement in Patagonia. Y Wladfa was established in 1865, when 153 people from various parts of Wales sailed on the Mimosa to settle in the Chubut Valley, in Southern Argentina. Organisations in Patagonia and Wales are organising a range of events to mark the anniversary and strengthen the links between the two communities.

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