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Institute of Contemporary Arts

The Institute of Contemporary Arts supports radical art and culture. Through a vibrant programme of exhibitions, films, events, talks and debates, the ICA challenges perceived notions and stimulates debate, experimentation, creativity and exchange with visitors.

The Challenge

Tincan has worked with the ICA for over ten years. We’ve collaborated with the ICA on their digital strategy, audience engagement and technical platform over many iterations of development during this period, and while the challenge has evolved our work with the ICA shows how long term collaboration and a shared approach can maintain a compelling digital platform through organisational and technological change.

ICA laptop screen

Tincan are the very model of what a client/ developer relationship should be: friendly, patient and incredibly meticulous. It doesn't hurt that they back up their forward-thinking project management techniques with a deep bench of skilled technical minds.


Nick Santos Pedro, Web Manager

The Solution

Since 2006 we've developed and supported the ICA's digital platform to keep pace with their ever changing programme. The ICA delivers its digital offering across multiple domains and 'sites' all managed in one content management framework.

The platform houses multiple third party integrations including ticketing, eCommerce and email campaign management. It offers the ICA an extensive toolkit of functionality - rich content can be created once and then re-used where needed in long and short form presentation, supporting cross promotion of events, products and membership. Its integrated into a single easy-to-use content management system with automation of common tasks to boost efficiency and free up the team's time for more interesting things.

I can't recommend Tincan enough ... in fact, I can't imagine facing a web project without Tincan in my corner.

Nick Santos Pedro, Web Manager

The Results

The ICA website garners over 600k visitors per year and we've continually added to and improved the site. Our most recent work includes:

  • Relaunch of the ICA Bulletin (blog), driven by insights from a full UX review and user surveys resulting in a whole new design and user insterface.
  • A new version of the STOP PLAY RECORD microsite, combining a streamlined submissions process in conjunction with the promotion of artists and partners.
  • Smooth migration of the ICA site to a new domain: This is the first arts organisation to move to the new top level domain, thus extending the use of rich content elements throughout the main site, and into the microsites managed through the CMS.

The ICA platform now provides a springboard from which the ICA continues to innovate – whether through tailored members offerings, rich programme content or giving their community the opportunity to contribute to history in the making. It’s a content rich, well integrated, efficient platform for the future.

ICA mobile screens

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