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London Sinfonietta

London Sinfonietta is a world-class contemporary chamber orchestra founded in 1968 and based in London. They are Resident Orchestra at the Southbank Centre and take the best contemporary music to venues and festivals across the UK and worldwide, inspiring audiences and taking risks to develop bold new work and commissions. 

The Challenge

  • The site was not fit-for-purpose - it was flat, not designed for mobile and difficult to manage
  • It didn’t tell the London Sinfonietta story adequately
  • It didn’t engage their audiences (virtually zero sign-up rate, low booking rate and no one had ever donated via the site)
  • London Sinfonietta were part way through a rebrand which needed to be carried through to their online properties
  • A number of separate websites needed to be pulled together into a single destination for all audiences across multiple platforms (the main organisational site, a blog microsite and another site that pre-dated most staff and was serving no purpose)

The Solution

We ran workshops to:

  • Set digital and project aims so London Sinfonietta could measure success
  • Ensure the site was user-focused by identifying detailed user personas
  • Tease out a new, detailed sitemap and content requirements
  • Start the process of developing detailed wireframes and new layouts

From these workshops we were able to:

  • Create a new, fully responsive website design, perfectly matched to their new brand and extended to cover digital and online
  • Build out the new site - in Drupal 8 - to the new sitemap and agreed detailed specification 
  • Bring content, structure and design together in well defined user journeys and clear calls-to-action

As part of the site development we:

  • Delivered on-site training to the new website editorial team
  • Supported them in loading content onto the new site
  • Produced and shared supporting materials (e.g. bespoke content guide and training manual)
LS Laptop

The Results

The result was a single, fully responsive site that spoke to all audiences and which extended London Sinfonietta's new brand and reach. Post traffic analysis showed:

  • increase in visitors to the site with the majority of the increased numbers from ‘returning’ visitors
  • ever donations via the site

"We're so excited to be moving forward so quickly and so successfully!"

Amy Forshaw, Marketing Manager, London Sinfonietta

London Sinfonietta also carried out a 6 month post-launch survey. The results showed:

  • of survey respondents said that based on their experience of the website, they would go on to attend a concert
  • said that based on their experience of the website, they would signup to the London Sinfonietta newsletter
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