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NT Live Press and Marketing

Launched in 2009, NT Live is a groundbreaking project from the National Theatre which broadcasts world-class theatre to cinemas in the UK and internationally.

NT Live is now broadcast to over 2,000 cinemas in 55 countries around the world.

Truly international, NT Live comes with significant press and marketing challenges.

The Challenge

One of the key challenges is ensuring that productions and events are consistently promoted, on brand, at venues across the globe. To do that, the NT Live team need to share their marketing collateral with host venues and marketing agencies around the world. They needed a solution that was easy for their staff to manage and easy for their partners to use in order to save time and reduce errors so they could quickly and easily share assets worldwide. 

  • Venues worldwide
  • Countries around the world

The Solution

The solution is a customised application that lives on the desktops of the NT Live content producers. NT Live staff now simply save their assets into their own desktop folders and this content is then automatically made available to Drupal via a CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services). This provides a seamless workflow between NT content producers and venue partners across the rest of the UK and the world utilising Alfresco DAM (Digital Asset Manager), CIMS and Drupal technology. This means that NT content producers and editors don't have to spend time creating multiple versions of assets and uploading them manually to dozens of places across multiple platforms and interfaces. At the other end of the pipe, venue partners across the world, can log in to the NT Press + Marketing portal and download whatever files that they need at any time day or night, independent of the NT team.

  • Worldwide paying audience since 2009
  • Productions broadcast since 2009

Our Head of Projects, Michael Kent, ran this project and presented the work we did at Drupal Show and Tell. 

Michael runs through the project at Drupal Show and Tell

Tincan bring an awful lot to the table - skills, experience and a firm grip of what it means to deliver on demanding projects. Moreover everyone at Tincan has a real passion for what they do. It makes it easy to say that we will be working with them again on future projects.

Christopher Jones, Web Architect


This internal project was aimed at making life easier for staff and partner venues and has saved them time, effort and money by creating an efficient workflow between producers and a global partnership of regional marketing teams. The application that we've built allows the NT Live team to manage hundreds of images, videos and documents processed, tagged, distributed and published automatically, available in regional variations to thousands of venues across the world. It's a crucial piece in ensuring the continued success of NT Live.

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