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Google Analytics

So. How do you know if you're marketing is working?

Well, that will largely depend on what you're promoting. It could be that you look at ticket and product sales. But if you have a complex web of marketing activity underway, you may not be able to tell what's been successful in helping you sell and what's got in your way.

Good use of analytics can help you identify what campaigns and channels are really driving traffic to your site. More importantly it can also tell you which of those website users are the ones who are buying. This can help you prioritise your marketing activity during a campaign and use your time and budget more intelligently.

It can also help you identify any hiccups on your website that might be turning people off. This gives you the chance to review copy and functionality on an ongoing basis to boost your conversion rates and provide the best service you can to customers.

We can work with you to help identify the key metrics that you need to track to get the most out of your channels.

We can help set up your Google Analytics account and Google Tag Manager to make sure your data is sound and reliable.

We can advise you on how to interpret your findings.

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