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Spektrix Ticketing Integration

Over the last few years, we have we worked with a number of clients who use Spektrix.

These integrations make use of a range of Spektrix features including donations, mailing lists, merchandise and supplementary events.

We have done a number of integrations with the Spektrix API - each with their own unique requirements. The flexibility of their integration has allowed us to adapt the details of the integration to suit each client's needs.

Save time

The Spektrix ticketing integration helps you save time by automating some of the content loading that's required. Once an event is created in Spektrix and marked as on sale for web, it's outlined in their XML feed. 

The Drupal CMS picks up that information and automatically creates a record for the event and all associated performances. Event details can then be added to the website by the marketing team to sell the event online.

We can also use the data in Spektrix to help keep the website up to date with things like ticketing availability. 

The integration leaves less room for error and reduces the amount of manual work required.

Examples of our work with Spektrix

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