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13 Feb 2015

Day One report from DrupalCon LatAm 2015


Day One report from DrupalCon LatAm 2015

And I arrived to Bogotá and DrupalCon LatAm 2015! Bogotá is a lovely city, though not what you might expect in terms of the weather. At an altitude of over 2000m it has a very particular climate where the temperature remains between 10 - 20 celsius all year round. Basically colder than what you'd expect. DrupalCon LatAm itself took place @ the Royal Park hotel, a very big and international hotel. Security is what you would expect from Colombia, but nothing really alarming. More importantly it was lovely to arrive and it was lovely to reconnect with folks I knew from my last DrupalCon in Austin.

First up was Dries' keynote. It wasn't particularly inspiring, but it was a bit scary (in terms of data privacy). In a general sense it repeated some of the stuff said in the Austin keynote. Following that I took part in the "Drupal 8 CMI on Managed Workflow" session. It was great to see what's been done and I was amazed to learn one of the speakers was one of Pantheon's owners. In my view this is one of the most important additions to Drupal. Backdrop has made a similar system available for D7 like environment, but I can't wait for D8 to be here and be able to have it as it will be shipped in D8. It's clear that whilst D8 is not quite here yet, it is definitely shaping up well.

In the afternoon I took part in a couple of sessions. Most interesting by far was "Design Systems and Drupal" - a really interesting approach in how to design in Drupal.

Overall, Day 1 and I'm really happy I got the opportunity to come here, the community is as vibrant as always and I can't wait to get to contribute on the sprints later this week.

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